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MyNavis WAY 4 months TRIAL

MyNavis WAY - 4 months to revive sales

You can have it for free until September 2020

the CRM management system that automates the processes for selling boats.


No obligation, and, if you continue the Trial at least until Multicast Publication of your Ads, at the end of the Trial you will not have to bear the costs of StartUp. See price list

1 - Register

2 - Data Import

As an alternative to the manual insertion of Contacts and Boats data. To speed up the process of starting the Trial, you can activate the automatic import into the APP iNavis after the Registration

3 - Training

Some hours of online training are provided in order to introduce the use of MYNavis. Training can be done by phone, via Skype and with TeamViewer, while the User Manuals are available.

4 - Operational progress

After inserting the Boats (manually or through Import) you can already activate the multi-broadcast publication of your advertisements on the portals with which you have a subscription.

MyNavis WAY

With EasyAD you have everything you need to play your role of broker in the Customer-Boats dimension and post on the WEB through the multicasting of the Ads. All with an APP for Android and iOS even from PC / MAC.

Continuing with the Broker version (CLOUD Application) you can collaborate with other Brokers, also internationally, within a Marketplace reserved for Nautical Companies only.

If your organization requires it, you can ask for Enterprise , to have at your disposal all the services which facilitate advertising, marketing and that are necessary to improve sales performance.

Download the APP iNavis from , or go to and sign up
The App iNavis is available also in

What can you do during MyNavis WAY Trial?

Contact Management - Customer Profiling

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Boat management

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Multicast ADS

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PDF in 6 languages (IT, EN, FR, DE, ES, RU)

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Match Boats & Contacts

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Newsletter & Marketing

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