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NavisCRM gives you a powerful CRM, for the Customer Management of the Nautical sector, which prepares the Company to easily undertake Dynamic Marketing actions.

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Organizational opportunities to improve the customer relationships management

Electronic Mail and managerial are two independent and autonomous applications that can be integrated (put in communication), to obtain organizational benefits, otherwise unthinkable, designed to boost the productive activities of employees for marketing purposes. The professional Google feature usage (Google For Work) or Microsoft (Office 365) further enhance the synergy between the two applications.

Customer Folder: CRM offers, for every census Subject (Customer, Supplier, etc) a folder that comprises automatically and chronologically all incoming and outgoing mail. Il Folder Cliente fornisce una visione completa di tutte le comunicazioni e gli eventi che hanno interessato un determinato Soggetto ; The Mail is automatically collected, in this regard it is necessary to authorize NavisCRM get in observation on the boxes of incoming mail. Every person authorized to use the Organization CRM, is able to see and be informed so existing relationships between a customer and the Organization, also with regard to the correspondence exchanged with other colleagues of the Organization. If necessary you can still restrict access to Folder Customer.

Mail summary: NavisCRM allows you to have a unified and synthetic ALL correspondence Mail Organization referring to Inbox, Sent and Outbox.

CRM selection: you can highlight, within the Organization, some Subjects surveyed on which they are undertaking promotional activities or sales activities. Subject to every highlight is associated with the last communication exchanged and can be associated with the next action to take.

Requests management for Information from the portals of Posts: NavisCRM , authorized by Broker, automatically intercepts all requests for information for the purpose of :

Address book sync: the age profile of Subjects surveyed in CRM (Name/Company name, phone, email addresses, notes, etc.) It can be synchronized with Address Book for Smartphone; by surveying/updating a Subject in, it is automatically updated in the address book of the mobile phone and vice versa mailer: in addition to the functionality of the Folder, NavisCRM itself provides the ability to send mail. This tool, together with the possibility to select, as recipients, Surveyed subjects who have a certain profile (Ex interest on certain types of boats and/or spending power), allows you to do promotional campaigns and send newsletter. Text and images that make up a Letters can be composed and stored as Template.

Complete sync: the combination of e Google/Office365, in addition to ensuring that all mail received is acknowledged by Folder of, has the effect that even the mail forwarded through appear in the Post forwarded the phone, Outlook and other operators of electronic mail.

In short: NavisCRM consolidates the organisation and improves sales performance

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