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NavisYARD is the product designed for the sale of the NEW. NavisYARD allows you to configure SHARE Area where Builder, Dealer and sub-Dealer can share data and functionality. The Builders and their dealer networks find in this product the solution to collaborate more effectively being able to share the boats in STOCK and being able to count on a Configurator that ensures to edit the quotes without having to make mistakes as they are updated and checked online.

NavisYARD is a MultiLanguage and MultiBrand Product: Dealers in each country use NavisYARD in their native language and, if they have more concessions from different Builders, they can benefit from all the Brand represented.

NavisYARD can be integrated with NavisCRM to make more efficient the management of relations with customers and to use the functions of Dynamic Marketing and Brokerage Intelligence.

Services for Builders and Dealers

Database for Boats and Contact Management

List Management

Catalogs management

Commercial Network Configuration

Stock Management


Available B2C version of the Inventor, simplified for shipowners

Monitoring and Statistics

Guarantees management

The features that appear highlighted in green are Optional

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