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Web Applications


NavisWEB allows users to use the basic functions of NavisPOST, easily and intuitively from any browser:

all operations are synchronised with the Navis2 client PC and all other accounts in the working group.

WS Access

This is a Communication System designed using web services technology, to synchronise the presentation of boats on the company website using the database. This System allows website visitors to view the boats managed with in real time.

The WS Access can be used by the Company Webmaster to interact with the database in order to represent the boats on the company website with customised graphics.

The WS Access is also used for standard representations, edited by, consisting in the Sales and Charter WS Pack.

WS Pack Sales

With the WS Sales Pack the range of boats for sale presented on the company website, synchronising the data and images from in real time.

The Pack respects the “convergence of domain” (the boats are viewed on the web as belonging to the company domain and not the domain) and ensures the focusing of “keywords”; features facilitating the indexing of boats by search engines (Google, Yahoo,…) and consequently the visibility of the websites.

WS Pack Charter

The WS Charters Pack represents the boat sales and rental services on the company website.

It represents the availability and prices of the boat, services and when required the crew, referring to a given time period. The features for managing the Charter are available in NavisMARKET and NavisCRM: this ensures the description of all features and attributes that are specific to the Charter, managing bookings and monitoring cruises.

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