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About Us

Digibusiness Srl produces and supplies ICT (Information Communication Technology) products and services. Its main activities today are in the fields of Boats, Insurance, Large Scale Retail and Industry.

The company headquarters are in Collecchio (PR), where the Software Factory and Contact Center are also located, but Digibusiness specialists also work on the premises of some of our clients in Parma, Milan and Bergamo.

The company provides Cloud Computing services using Servers located in primary Data Centers, including CEDACRI SpA.


Digibusiness designs new Systems and integrates existing systems using Microsoft and multi-platform technologies. It can develop Intranet and Extranet Communication Systems, using C/S, WEB and Mobile technologies and highly reliable and basic market components and interacting with Social Networks.

Digibusiness provides highly specialised consulting to support the design of architectures and the implementation of information systems and computer applications.

Its completed projects include:

  • Monitoring and Control of Mass Printing and exchange of data flows with Institutional authorities for a Primary Insurance Undertaking
  • e-Commerce for a large-scale retail Corporate Customer
  • Administrative system to support a Yachts Sales and Chartering activity
  • App and Social Layers
  • Websites and Portals for a range of businesses

GOOGLE Partner Enterprise

Products - Services Suite
ADS Nautical
Social Communication theVillage
Apps for Business Google Apps for Business


Email with search powered by Google, up to 30 GB of storage space, offline support, custom email addresses and more.

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Program with ease meetings at times that are good for everyone, get reminders for meetings and share calendars.

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Google Drive allows you to store your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere.

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Create, share and work on documents with all your team in real time.

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Manage your data worksheets faster with graphics that you can change with a click and comments in style conversation.

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Create presentations in collaboration, incorporating video and forget the Save button.

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