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Price list Products and Features - June 2021
CRM that simplifies and automates processes improving sales performance Offers
Multilingual and Multicurrency service platform
EasyAD Broker Enterprise
Startup Configuration and Activation
Import of boats and contacts
Initial training
Included 2H
Included 3H
Included 6H
Monthly fee Main account
Additional Accounts
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Features & Functionalities Boats Management
ADS Multicast
EasyAD +
Charter e Moorings
Prof MarketPlace
Broker +
Advanced CRM
Brokerage Intelligence
Optional Product name Price
Company logo on Boats photos for projection on the WEB. Multiple image sets available: with logo, broker friendly, etc. WaterMark 10€ / month
TV Slider: display of selection of boats on screens / smart TVs in the window or in a public place WEB TV 10€ / month
Customized Sheet : PDF, XML production with customized Layout (Brochure, Boat Card…) PDF Custom TBD on project
Annual cost with basic configuration: 480 €
Easy-to-use application for managing Boats for Sale and Customers, usable by Browser or by App for Android and iOS. A simple CRM to manage Boat-Customer relationships.

  • Customer profiling regarding Nautical interests.
  • Selective diffusion of the Ads on all the International Portals; just one click is enough to eliminate a series of repetitive and Time Consuming operations.
iNavis App allows you to do complex operations in no time "Take photos of a boat, associate descriptive data, create a PDF, attach it to a Proposal, send the Mail to potentially interested Customers and finally publish the Boat on your Site and on the Ad Portals you prefer ”. All that while you are still aboard the boat you took pictures of!
Annual cost with basic configuration: 720 €
Usable from desktop, it is proposed for companies where more people must carry out brokerage activities in a coordinated way. It has complementary functions to EasyAD such as:

  • Management of the operational profiles of collaborators
  • Mooring Management and Charter Services
  • Collaboration between different Nautical Companies on Ads, Promotions and Sales
Co-brokerage allows you to expand your offer and your market base.
Annual cost with basic configuration: 1.188 €
The extra gear for Brokers, Dealers and Shipyards who want to do Marketing. An advanced CRM for:

  • Identify customers potentially interested in a specific boat
  • Find the boats that correspond to the interest of a particular customer
  • Perform all promotional, budgeting and sale actions
  • Automatically manage Requests for Information and contacts generated by the Ad Portals
  • GDPR Compliance - report and consent management
The product Enterprise enables the Company to the “Brokerage Intelligence”, the Methodology and the Business Intelligence Software applied to the Nautical Brokerage
WEB Sites
Integration with existing Sites - Creation of new Sites
Product name Price
Multilingual PlugIn for WP and PHP Sites: Search Engine, Boats Display, Focus on Boat, Interactions with Visitor, Acquisition of customer data in CRM in compliance with GDPR WPM
Sale, Charter and Moorings
900€ / each
Synchronization service with the Broker’s Website (bidirectional) Web Sync 33 € / month
Creation of NEW Sites: Design, Implementation, SEO and Hosting WEBSITE Starting from 2.000 €
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